Ready, Set, Launch!

How far do you drive when you need support? As of October 15th 2013, you can choose to stay in Kemptville. I am so proud and excited to share the official launch of my business; Art & Soul. I offer art therapy services to families in transition. The word transition can represent divorce, illness, career changes, parenthood, empty nesters, caregivers and people impacted by P.T.S.D., just to name a few. I am a qualified therapist, art therapist and trauma counsellor. I work in a rural setting which is private and serene. There is a waiting room for clients who need to take their children with them or for individuals who are driven to their sessions by a spouse, friend or family member. Sessions last one hour. I leave 30 minutes between appointments to protect clients’ confidentiality and to allow for some flexibility. Our time together can include a mix of verbal therapy, creativity and relaxation. You do not need to be artistic to participate in art therapy. The art is one of many tools to express yourself, develop awareness and problem solve. Some of the mediums we might explore include: writing, collage, storytelling, guided imagery, painting, drawing and sculpting.

On Thursday, October 24th and Thursday, October 31st, I will be offering 20 minute, sample, individual art therapy sessions for $20 from 10am-3pm and 5-8pm. This is a way for people on a budget or, individuals who are curious about this approach, to try my services. Please e-mail or call me at (613) 863-7685 to reserve a time slot.

Join me on Tuesday, October 29th at 6:30pm for my first ever Divorce Diva workshop. This is an opportunity for women to connect with others who are going through this transition. The intention of this workshop is for participants to experience self-expression and mutual support while sharing tips and resources. You must register via e-mail. Cost: $40

You are invited to the Partners of People with P.T.S.D. workshop on Monday, November 4th at 6:30pm. The intention of this workshop is for participants to experience self-expression and mutual support while sharing tips and resources. You must register via e-mail. Cost: $40

I would like to take a moment to thank the individuals who have helped me get to this point. There would be no space for my business were it not for my husband’s vision, hard work and support. Thank you Vincent! My mother has contributed in her own way by remaining optimistic throughout this process and watching my beautiful girls so I could focus on the tasks at hand. Many thanks to Laura and Jamie from Rusty Nail Designs in Merrickville for the amazing palette sculpture they created. I used it to promote my services at our local branch of TD Bank. I am grateful to Maggie Boyer and David Shanahan at the North Grenville Times for the exposure and contacts they provided during my work at their paper. A big thank you to Meredith Luce from Luce Designs in Merrickville for illustrating my deck of art therapy cards for women in transition. Her talent and professionalism have helped me move forward on this project. I will never forget Norah, our neighbor, who came to help us work on the exterior of my building on a bitterly cold day. She stayed until we were done and was a tremendous help! We could not have finished this project without Craig Pollard, from A Fitter Me in Kemptville. Craig loaned us his trailer and power tools on many occasions. Heather Childs from Geronimos listened to my plans and frustrations for over a year, even when I started repeating myself. I wish to acknowledge Classic Graphics for their efficient and professional work, creating consent forms and intake surveys. They also took on more creative work while I was volunteering my time in schools last year. Thank you everyone! I will be busy over the coming months developing partnerships with local organizations to see how my services can benefit the residents of North Grenville. I look forward to serving our community.


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