I feel so blessed as I write this month’s blog. I am sitting in my cozy kitchen, the sun is streaming in. My daughters are busy playing in their toy room, using their vivid imaginations. I can see my art studio from here, a huge, colourful flower basket hanging next to its door. I offered a self-care workshop for activity professionals in Winchester this week. It was lots of fun. I enjoyed watching these generous women who care for others all week take some time to nurture themselves. For months, I interviewed women who have survived cancer, strong women who inspired me. Their stories are now being published in the NG Times as a five week series ( I am also starting to understand Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I use these social media tools to reach more people and give them a glimpse of what I do. I agreed to drive a young man diagnosed with Aspergers to his home from work every Wednesday. He has inspired me to write about the challenges faced by adults on the spectrum looking for employment. He also motivated me to look into the links between Autism and Alzheimer’s. I used to wonder about this connection when I worked on a locked unit in long term care. As I research this link, I see that others have asked this question and the outcome of their research is promising. I am reading: “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat”. This book examines various neurological disorders and their impact on every day life. Fascinating! I am launching a new group of Divorce Divas in July and there are a few requests to provide private Sassy Ladies workshops for clients and their friends as well. Meredith Luce is currently illustrating one of my children’s books: “Have You Hugged Your Alien?”. Meredith illustrated my decks of art therapy cards last year. I am getting positive feedback from individuals who have purchased my “Women in Transition” art therapy decks on a regular basis and I am grateful for Meredith’s talent which made it all possible. Erika Cuccaro, a local writer, kindly visited my studio and will be writing about my services in her blog “52 Weeks in North Grenville” ( My daughters will be out of school in one week’s time. I am fortunate to have a supportive husband and mother which means I get to balance my life between being a mom and an art therapist. I love my summers with the girls: the beach, ice cream, parks, museums, galleries…bring it on!

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