Why did the at therapist cross the web?

Why did the art therapist cross the web?

As an art therapist, I am often conflicted between my passion for supporting women in transition and my desire to contribute to my family’s income. This conflict is increased by the lack of funding to help me serve women who need it the most but can’t afford it. As an entrepreneur, I am not eligible for grants. They are reserved for not-for-profit organizations. So far, my clientele base has been women with the means to pay for my services. I have added groups, reducing my rates in order to reach more people.

I am also a mother, buying gifts for birthday parties and special occasions. I discovered an opportunity to create and manage an affiliate marketing website catering to a population of my choice. I decided to focus on toys, cooperative board games, sports equipment and gifts for parents, their colleagues and friends. This secondary website is called funforkids.fantasticdiscoveryplace.com

I will use the profits from this website to create free workshops for women in shelters, wives of military with PTSD, new moms and women transitioning from correctional facilities through programs like E-Fry. My funforkids website is an affiliate of Amazon therefore your payment and shipping are all handled through the safety and efficiency of Amazon. You are simply purchasing in a way that empowers me to support local women. So, why did the art therapist cross the web?…to make a difference in her community.


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