Have You Hugged Your Alien? Worksheet

On February 6th 2015, I received 50 copies of my book from Maggie Boyer at The North Grenville Times. I was so excited to finally hold a copy in my hands. The book was written on my ipad years ago along with several others. I had approached illustrators but it never led anywhere. When I saw Meredith’s art on a friend’s computer, I contacted her immediately. Working with Meredith Luce from Luce Ends was effortless. I loved her illustrations! I started my search for a publisher. I was an unpublished person and it seemed that my book would never get beyond the status of a beautiful file on my computer. I flirted with the idea of self-publishing but I would need to order hundreds of copies and I couldn’t afford it. Furthermore, I had no idea if anyone would even like my book. I approached Maggie Boyer about printing one copy of the book for me so I could use it at a workshop. She agreed to print one copy for me and seeing it printed in color gave me goosebumps. Maggie proceeded to cost out the fee of getting 50 copies printed from The Brandon Press. It was within my price range. I was thrilled. My dream was within reach. So, on February 6th, as I held my book in my hands, I felt tremendously grateful for the many synchronicities that helped bring it to life,

Since that day in February, my books sold out in just over nine days. I was interviewed by Diana Fisher on Juice FM. I launched my book with a workshop at Oxford-on-Rideau Public School where students were asked to create their own aliens with a variety of materials. The Kemptville Advance reported on my workshop. I am scheduled for an interview on CTV this coming Monday. I could never have anticipated the impact of releasing this book.

I started a Facebook page to collect all the information related to the book. I was looking for a way to share the worksheets I created to help teachers, parents and therapists use the book to discuss healthy self-expression with children. I couldn’t find a way to enter my worksheets on the Facebook page so I decided to paste them into this blog. Hope this works!

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to get my work published and to all of you who purchased a copy of the book. Long live the alien!


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