Summer Fun for Parents and Children

Are you looking for something fun to do with your children this summer? Keep reading. Every year, I fantasize about exposing my children to a variety of activities over the summer, spending quality time together and making memories. I start off on a treasure hunt, looking for opportunities on the internet, in local recreation brochures and talking to friends. What I find is that there are many programs offering to keep my children busy for the day, actually for weeks at a time. The problem is I want to be having fun with my girls. I also don’t want to commit them to a week of programs. I am simply trying to expose them to new activities.

So, we settle into a routine of playing in the yard, going to the beach, visiting museums, driving to nearby parks or going as far as Saunders Farm for the day. We do have fun but it gets a bit repetitive. The girls start to get on each other’s nerves. I call around to organize play dates but their friends are out of town or registered in summer camps. I wondered if I’m the only parent in this situation. If there were activities for a few hours every week aimed at parents and their children wanting to have fun together, would people sign up?

I decided to do an experiment. This summer, every Tuesday at 10am, there will be activities for parents and their children. Most cost money but the first one is offered to us for free. The program is aimed at children ages 6-12. This is important because some of the activities are not safe for little ones and would cost more due to the need for extra staff if smaller children were present. Here is what I have lined up:

June 30th-Lone Wolf Ranch-Free but need to e-mail me to register as helpers are required
July 7th-Rock My House-exploring instruments and rhythm $10 per child
July 14th-Academy of Expressive Dance-$20 per child, date to be confirmed
July 21st-My birthday, join us at the beach and decorate your own cupcake
July 28th-Baxter’s Beach, learn about animals and their habitats, $15 per child
Aug 4th-Family Yoga with Tricya from Bodhi Tree, $10 per child
Aug 11th-Tie dye Tuesday, bring an old t-shirt, $10 per child
Aug 18th-Drumfit, get ready to sweat, price to be announced
Aug 25th-Jamberry Party, explore jamberries and buy a sheet of nails if you’d like, $15 per sheet (does two manis and two pedis)

These prices are based on 10-15 children participating. Prices for the dance class and Baxter’s program will go down as groups get bigger. Please note that the programs will be cancelled if there are less than 10 participants so please e-mail me with your name, number of children with their ages and names of programs you wish to join.

I must provide a list of names asap for the FREE Lone Wolf Ranch program coming up June 30th so they know how many helpers to book.

This includes:
– 30 min demonstration of some of our students/coaches riding
– Grooming session with one of the school ponies
– Question and Answer period with a small tour of the facility
Snack and Refreshments

Interested? Let me know at I look forward to enjoying the summer with you and your children.
Anne Walsh

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