May, A Month of Pampering



I am sad to see this month come to an end. I always enjoy the month of May due to its Spring weather and the celebration of Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day felt all the more significant thanks to the many moms who shared their stories for my upcoming book, The Mommy Monologues.

In April, I saw an ad on Facebook for a “Feminar” offered near Brockville by Shelli Warren at Sheconnex ( on May 12th. The title, Fempowered by Purpose-Fearless Public Speaking, caught my eye. I usually don’t sign up for this kind of seminar. Instead, I wonder who will put the kids on the bus? Who will be there when they get home? Can I really afford to pay for this considering I am not reaching my financial career goals? However, something took over and I purchased a ticket, right then and there. I ironed out the details later. My husband was super supportive and agreed to put the kids on the bus in the morning and get them off the bus in the afternoon, even though he was already working a 12 hour day. I was grateful for his support and I am so glad I attended the workshop.

It was a sunny day as I drove up to Maplehurst Manor. Shelli had a full agenda, aimed at creating signature speeches, practising our speaking skills in a supportive environment and helping us expand our network. There were lots of neat women there and our healthy, delicious lunch was catered by Josie from the Brockberry Cafe (

I left there energized with a list of signature speeches to flesh out. I had created a brief speech to introduce my book thanks to the workbook we completed during the Feminar. Emboldened, I recorded my intro over the weekend and posted it on Facebook. To my amazement, over 600 people viewed it. I have since written two LinkedIn articles, just another idea I got from Shelli at the Feminar. Shelli has sent some tips to all of us to keep us thinking about expanding our businesses. One of those tips is to include testimonials on your website. I am too shy to request testimonials but I decided to type up the positive feedback from my workshop evaluation forms and add them to my website.

As if all this wasn’t enough, I won the Mother’s Day gift basket at the Feminar. This initiated a whole other level of receiving, not just useful, practical information for my business but, beauty products for the following weeks. I have washed with soaps that smell divine and worn my new cozy slippers while inhaling diffused essential oils. My skin has been treated to a mix of products from three companies.

Chris Clapp from Rodan & Fields provided a sample of Enhancements facial scrub, Redefine Night Renewing Serum and Lip Renewing Serum. These products smelled clean and left my face feeling plump with moisture, soft and nourished. (

Jennifer Phillips shared samples of Rejuvity by Isagenix which includes a purifying cleanser, toner, essential youth serum, SPF day cream and moisturizing night cream. This was a gentle product. It smelled slightly orangey and my skin felt baby soft ( I would love to combine items from both Rodan & Fields and Isagenix. I am hooked!

I had already purchased Magnet Wash, an active charcoal wash from 1890 prior to the Feminar. I have been using it alternatively with the other products. It pulls dirt and oil from your face, helping with blackheads and/or enlarged pores ( It may seem odd for an art therapist to write about cosmetics but, for me, this month was about a willingness to receive and a focus on self-care.

When you work in a helping profession and, you happen to be a mom as well, you spend a great deal of time giving. You don’t say yes to opportunities to receive because you are too busy. You don’t buy luxurious skin care products because you have a budget and these items can seem superficial. However, there is a lesson to be learned here. I saw an opportunity. I said yes to myself, made time, spent the money and received so much in return.

The receiving isn’t even over. I am still learning from Shelli Warren and the wonderful women in her network. I haven’t yet used my gift card for a health consultation with Vickie Dickson (, included in my Mother’s Day gift bag. I have been eating healthier, working out with Bikini Belly, an exercise program for women over 40 who suffer from menopause belly, ( and I am working away on my signature speeches. The Mommy Monologues will be published by the end of the summer, opening a brand new chapter in my life. I’m not sure what the next month will hold but I am so very grateful for the opportunities for growth and self-care that this month represented for me.

Anne Walsh,

Thank you Pixabay for the awesome image for this post!


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